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Is your boiler old and breaking down often? Are you looking for skilled heating engineers to install a new boiler? Let Maidstone Moreflow Plumbing help you with first-rate boiler repair, service, and installation services at budget-friendly prices. You can rely on us to deliver quality and quick solutions as we are Worcester-Bosch accredited installers and offer 10-year warranty for all boiler installations.

From replacement of radiators to installing custom heating systems, we provide services for all. You can also choose us for extensions of existing heating systems and the supply of a variety of radiators. Increase the serviceable life and efficiency of your existing boilers with our regular maintenance services.

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Boiler Repair

There are several inconveniences that come with owning a house, from power outages to plumbing issues to leaks and weather damage. Almost all homeowners experience one issue or another with their home over the years. It is not what you signed up for but it is just a reality and it is not fun. What is even more inconvenient is having troubles with your boiler.

Many times, a lot of homeowners don’t know they have a problem with their boiler until it is cold. Sometimes, it is usually too late to handle this issue without freezing. Boiler issues happen often and it happens at the time that is most inconvenient. While it may seem like it is not much, you can do about this, you can put the control in your hands by hiring a professional plumbing company to help get your working in good condition.

At Maidstone Moreflow Plumbing, we know that finding out the boiler is not working properly can be a big issue. Also, we know when this happens you want it fixed as soon as possible. It is important the boiler is working well at all times as it helps to provide heat to your home when the temperature drops. We can provide residents of Maidstone with reliable and professional boiler repair service that can count on for years to come. Our technicians know how to get your boiler back in a good working condition even before you notice it isn’t working.

Boiler Service

At Maidstone Moreflow Plumbing, we don’t want you to be in a situation where your home is without heat and it is very cold. That is why we offer our customers a comprehensive maintenance service to ensure their boiler is in a good working condition long before there is the need to use it for the first time in the year. We don’t want Maidstone residents to be left out in the cold when there is a weather change. We want to help you service your boiler now before it is time to use it. You will never find yourself without heat again by allowing our highly skilled technicians to maintain your boiler. We like to see our customers comfortable in their home and it is our joy that we have something to do with that.

Boiler Installation

Boilers are high efficiency heating unit that you can set up to burn natural gas, propane, or oil to heat your home. A well built boiler is a long lasting dependable solution to heating the home. An efficient boiler does not actually boil water instead it heats it. The hot water is then pumped into a heat exchanger, radiator, or under the floor tubing to heat the home evenly. If your boiler has been installed for more than 10 years, it is time to start thinking about finding a replacement for your current units. Wall mounted boilers are now very efficient in operation thanks to advancement in technology. This has helped to save many homeowners from paying too much on their energy bills.

When a new boiler is installed properly by our technicians in Maidstone Moreflow Plumbing, they can operate at an efficiency of 90% or more. We offer a range of Eco-friendly, energy efficient heating solutions including near condensing wall hung boilers, modulating condensing solar water heating systems, radiators, and storage tanks.

Boiler Installation & Servicing

Our team of professionals is highly skilled and fully qualified to help you install a new boiler and we are also very knowledgeable. Maidstone Moreflow Plumbing is Gas Safe Registered, this means we have gone through all of the necessary assessments and training to safely and competently work with the installation of new boilers. You can be rest assured that you are in safe hands if you hire us. If you want to install a new boiler or you would like to ask us for our professional opinion to know the right steps to take we would love to hear from you. We can answer any queries you may have, you can simply arrange for us to visit your home so we can provide you with a free, no obligation quote.

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  • Efficient and Quality BoilersWe always ensure the boilers we install for our customers are of the highest quality. We will help you choose the boiler that is best for the needs of you and your home’s heating system. We will also ensure the boiler is efficient enough to stand the test of time.
  • Fully Qualified to Install BoilersWith every new boiler installation, we power flush the entire system to make sure they perform optimally and last long. We can also install magnetic filters to help prevent a buildup of sludge. For safety purposes, we can install a carbon monoxide alarm too. No matter the fuel type you go for you can benefit from our hassle-free project management and extensive local knowledge. We understand that every homeowner has different needs, so we strive to understand our customer’s requirements clearly before giving any advice on the best boiler for you.

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